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Sunday, 25 October 2009

In order to produce a realistic product that could be sold in our competative market, i had to research other products that are already in the exsisting market so i knew what i had to compete against. Not only for that reason i wanted to look at the different conventions that are used and then apply them to my product. As we can see the front cover is very important as it creates a visual image to the audience before the even listen to the music. It is known that the first impression is the most important so in order i have to gain and intreage my audience. Just by looking at the examples that i have given i can see that they try to get across feeling are a mood to its audience.
-In the Theory Of A Deadman front cover (car one) i can judge by looking at it that its going to be fast pased and very upbeat. This is due to the car and the baby blue colours of the sky. In contrast is the grill of the car which gives the impression more of an edge which gives the implications that it might have more of an agressive tone.
-In the other Theory Of A Deadman front cover i get the feeling that its going to be more down beat and the subject of the music isnt going to be on plesant matters. The man is dressed in black which has the conotations of death which is also enhanced by the fact that he has angle wings. This then gives the impression that its about death in some form or way. The surroundings also look quite barron and dead. The cover has a 'weston' feel to it which is due to the text which has been used and also the location. What also gives the sense that this product is real is the fact that it has the parental guidance symbol on it. I have included this on my own work to give it a more realistic tone.
The reason why i have chosen the Linkin Park album cover is to show the effect of the black and white convetion as a real product. I have used this convention within my own work as it fits in well with the story line and creates i gloomy feel which is what i wanted to achive. The reason for this is beacause the relation ship between warren and sorrel is going 'sour/dead' so i wanted to have a bland, dry effect to help put this across.

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