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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Friday, 9 July 2010

HMV advert print work

This is my advert which i have desingned on phtoshop. As you can see i have used various conventions when creating this. for example
-The HMV dog symbol- the reason for this is so that there is easy recognition between gaining the audiences attention and recognising what it is. I have used the small symbols which represent different aspects to what HMV have to offer
-I have used three colours in the poster so that it does'nt confuse the audience and so that the text stands out from the background. when there is a sinifigant part of a sentense i have used a different colour to make it jump out more.
-In our modern world today the internet is a huge part of many peoples lives. For example Ebay and Facebook are popular interent sites. On the HMV it gives u the option to download music from there site. The sybols premote this option at the bottom left hand corner. i have added minute text to create a more realistic feel to the poster.
-Another convention which hasnt been used recently by HMV is the use of free give aways. When premoting the release of the digi pack i have included a free poster when ordered of the HMV site. Not only am i premoting the product but i am increasing the chance of the HMV site being used.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

I have created this as my front cover for my album art of the digi pack. The choice of loaction is quite signifgant towards the stroy line. The main character (warren=me) feeling are important and are very unhappy and lonely. i have chosen a long shot of the church as it portrays his feelings as 'dead'. This is because he is lonely without sorrel who is his x-girlfriend and now he feels emotionless and cold without her. the charcole effect that i have used helps add to the cold feeling towards the image. on the text i have used an outglow which gives the sence of ghoustly. i decided to use the symbol of the parental advisory to help create the feel that its a real product.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

digi pack middle sections

I have chose these images as i think the fit in well with both the front and back of the digi pack. i have added the same charcole effect to keep the feel consistant through out the digi pack. These images will be behind where the cd's go. The image with the stone wall gives the feeling that your unbalanced and in a different dimension. This also reflects on warrens feelings. The other image on the right shows the lead singer. This is benifitial to the target audience as they will be huge fans and what to see simular things like this.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

spine of digi pack

I have created this part of the digi pack which is the very back part, on photoshop. What i have done is i have kept the theme consistant by adding the charcole effect again. This time i have used it so that warren stands out the most in this picture to show that hes the main character. The fact that hes white reflects on his feeling as he is feeling very transparent as sorrel keeps on engnoring him. He looks very distant and ghoustly which is the effect i wanted to achive as it comes together with storyline quite well. As you can see i have added the small print and record lables to make it seem like a real product. The barcode also adds to this effect. I have also included a web adress of the band so that fans are informed about its exsistance. The interent site will then allow them to acsess things like
-Gig dates
-Chat to the fans
-A place to sell other products