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Thursday, 15 October 2009

In our group there is me, Jonny Elliot, Ian Shannon and Christina Halmer. Out of the choices we had we decided to go along with creating a music video. We will be creating a rock music video. We have assigned each other certain roles in the production of our project as we are stronger in different aspects of the course. Firstly I chose to do the artistic side of the project which includes making the story board, finding and choosing the locations for the shoots also the general planning which looks at the conventions of music videos and how to include them in ours. Jonny will be concentrating on the Photoshop aspects of the project as he has had lots of experience with it and uses it in a creative way. Ian will be focussed on the shooting of the actual video. This will be focusing on the camera angles and the way its shot. The reason being is that he would like to peruse this as a career and would find it useful to gain more knowledge in this aspect of media. On the other hand Christina will focus on the editing of the video which will be looking at sound and weather the shot is decent are not.

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