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Sunday, 25 April 2010

back cover of digi pack

This is another piece of my research were i have analysed the back part of digi pack. I can see it has the original features of a bar code, small print, logos of music copy right holders, a general back ground, and information about the digi pack. these are all comon features of a the back part of a digi pack. i have included prity much all of these conventions to try and gain the most realistic effect possible.

What is becoming continuous through out my research is the use of a three coloured system. This is used to help not confuse the reader and to keep it simple which allows them to be attracted to certain parts of the poster. for example the use of the pink helps the reader to relate it to HMV as its commonly used in their products and it stands out againt the white/grey background. The black also contrasts with the white and pink which can help give certain pieces of text importance. For example the slogan at the top and the price of individual products. The use of symbols and slogans are very important in advertisement as the main goal is to attract you audience and to gain there custom. Having symbols slogan etc allows the reader to relate and remeber the company and the service they might have recived in the past which gives the supplier a high chance of gaining there custom again. The most famous symbol that HMV has is the the dog. Recently HMV has included symbols at the bottom left corner of the poster. These represent different services they have. Having these symbols gives the reader a quick reference, if remebered by the reader, on what services HMV provide. I have included this in my own work as i think it informs the reader well in very little time. Time is the key as readers soon get bored after reading a paragraph which could not be nesisary to what they want (hense the symbols for quick information).