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Thursday, 15 October 2009

During the course of last year I have adopted various skills and knowledge, not just in practical production but in the conventions of the chosen area we decided to investigate in. when looking back on my practical production work I can clearly see the use of conventions I have used. To make it successful. For example I have used a continuous colour scheme, a large mast head, big text and a range of pictures to draw the audience in. On the other hand I have adopted a variety of other skills like becoming competent with Photoshop and recognising good pictures from photo shoots that would fit the criteria we where aiming for. Apart from the practical production side of the course I have also progressed in other skills such as time keeping team building and being critical about my own work. Last year are Blog wasn’t multi media which in some ways restricted the ways we could express the progression of are work. With us having a multimedia Blog we could have been able to post videos of ourselves explaining the current position of our project. Therefore realising from this we decided to include multimedia sources in our Blog this year as we see it could be useful to us.

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