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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

I have created this part of the digi pack which is the very back part, on photoshop. What i have done is i have kept the theme consistant by adding the charcole effect again. This time i have used it so that warren stands out the most in this picture to show that hes the main character. The fact that hes white reflects on his feeling as he is feeling very transparent as sorrel keeps on engnoring him. He looks very distant and ghoustly which is the effect i wanted to achive as it comes together with storyline quite well. As you can see i have added the small print and record lables to make it seem like a real product. The barcode also adds to this effect. I have also included a web adress of the band so that fans are informed about its exsistance. The interent site will then allow them to acsess things like
-Gig dates
-Chat to the fans
-A place to sell other products

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