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Friday, 9 July 2010

HMV advert print work

This is my advert which i have desingned on phtoshop. As you can see i have used various conventions when creating this. for example
-The HMV dog symbol- the reason for this is so that there is easy recognition between gaining the audiences attention and recognising what it is. I have used the small symbols which represent different aspects to what HMV have to offer
-I have used three colours in the poster so that it does'nt confuse the audience and so that the text stands out from the background. when there is a sinifigant part of a sentense i have used a different colour to make it jump out more.
-In our modern world today the internet is a huge part of many peoples lives. For example Ebay and Facebook are popular interent sites. On the HMV it gives u the option to download music from there site. The sybols premote this option at the bottom left hand corner. i have added minute text to create a more realistic feel to the poster.
-Another convention which hasnt been used recently by HMV is the use of free give aways. When premoting the release of the digi pack i have included a free poster when ordered of the HMV site. Not only am i premoting the product but i am increasing the chance of the HMV site being used.

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