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Sunday, 1 February 2009

This particular genre of magazine consists of rock bands along with it competitor NME. Kerrang has various methods with providing information to their audience not only by magazine but by radio and television. Rock bands frequently show up on the front cover of this magazine as kerrang’s target audience wants to see these bands on the front page. This is what then urges the audience to buy the magazine. On the front cover of this magazine there are using the name of the band metaphorically. In the title ‘panic at the disco everything you think you know is wrong’ this immediately receives the audience attention not only through the bright bold red used but the fact that the magazine is saying that fans have been miss lead makes the audience ‘panic‘ and buy the magazine . This the makes the reader thrive and want them to read on.

This magazine uses consistent colours e.g. yellow red black and white I this issue. This is used so that it doesn’t confuse the reader. In stereotypical terms we can assume that this magazine is based on rock music. How I came to terms with this is through the dark clothing, long hair and piercing. This is features of a stereotypical rocker. Usually at the back of this magazine there is a designated pages for information on gigs. This shows how passionate people can be about music. The mast head is consistent in basically every issue. The black and white text used gives off a sense of ‘old school’ and makes it really obvious which magazine it is. The masthead consist of an explanation mark. This then links with the logo ’life is loud’ and conventionally rock music is played loudly. the reason for the explanation mark to add the effect that it’s a rock magazine. They used the red font in the logo to keep the text consistent and attention grabbing.

This issue uses several techniques to draw readers in. One of these skills among of several is the fact that Kerrang used the male gaze to gain readers. There is a picture of an attractive female obviously well known to the magazine as she is stated as a ‘metal queen’. this then shows that she has some importance in this magazine. The text ‘within temptation’ this then puts the audience on a cliff hanger and guides them to think ‘within temptation to what?’. Kerrang opens the door for different audiences as they mention various band names that are included in the magazine. When the audience recognise a band that they like they most likely look into buying the magazine. This then increases the chance of the magazine being bought.

The pictures that are used on this front cover are used in different ways. The main picture of the band ‘panic at the disco’ are pointing while looking disappointed. This then links with the sub heading ‘panic at the disco everything you know is wrong’ as they look disappointed with their fans as there fans should have correct knowledge about them. The picture with the four men look happy and cheerful. This is inviting to the audience and gives off a good atmosphere about the Kerrang tour . This then makes the reader wish they where there. Here is an image of the free poster we can find innside the magazine. The main convention of this is to help persuade the reader to buy the magazine as it could be one of the audiences favourite band. The target audience, a would say would be teenagers and young adults aged 13 to 20. The main conventions for this magazine are typically used. In this issue they have only used 4 colours, it has a big masthead and has several subtitles. Usually Kerrang displays there free give a ways (which is usually a poster) at the bottom of the magazine so it doesn’t confuse the reader. Conventions are used in the magazine such as the positioning of the masthead and subtitles are kept in the same place in each issue. This is so that the audience can relate to the magazine and be familiar with it.

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